Treasure Trove Packaging Design

Top drawer open

Top two drawers open

Top three drawers open

Bottom drawer  with gift card
Bottom view
Front view

Side view

Project: For this assignment, I chose to design a giftcard for a fictional children’s furniture company, Treasure Trove. What makes this company unique from other children’s furniture stores is that
Treasure Trove specializes in hidden treasures. Each item in-store is crafted by hand, and has something special hidden within it; it might be some kind of unexpected surprise, it might have a built-in lock in which the child can secure their own treasures, or even a secret compartment.

Concept: In order to creatively create and package my giftcard, I decided to create a package that embodies Treasure Trove’s specialty. To execute this, I hand-crafted a miniature set of wooden
drawers that contains a surprise inside. The top 3 drawers show transparencies, each with a word printed on the left side (Discover, Secret, Treasure). These words can stand on their own as a command, or together, it can act as a sentence. On the right side, there is an abstract design. When all 3 drawers are open at the same time, a secret message is revealed: Treasure Trove. Finally, on the bottom drawer is the actual giftcard, presented as a mound of gleaming treasure.

Tidbit: I do not recommend using a glue gun for projects that you want for an extended period of time. For some reason, after I finished spraying on laqueur, in the middle of the photography session, everything started to come apart. It was like that first or second episode of Gilligan's Island where they use tree sap to glue back together the S.S. Minnow, only to have it fall apart before setting sail.

Fonts Used: RocknRoll (display typeface for the logo) and Futura (sans serif)