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Semester 3!

I had fun doing this one. I used the photographs provided by the company and illustrated the various peels in illustrator. It was especially challenging when the peels go behind the bottle!

Concept: The main focus when creating a campaign for Izze was to highlight the all-natural aspect of the sparkling juice, and gear it towards young adults. In order to creatively incorporate this aspect, I chose to break down all-natural fruit into its rawest, most basic form: fruit in the nude, or fruit au naturel. In the campaign, I primarily worded it Izze au naturel to emphasize that Izze is synonymous with fresh fruit. To illustrate au naturel, I have the product in an undressed state, with the peel acting as the clothing. Adding the reference to nudity is provocative, which appeals to the audience. However, having the reference portrayed subtly gives it a classier feel, which keeps to the overall feel of the product: clean, pure, and in good taste.