Yet another 24hr After Effects project. This one took a lot more planning though, since it was a tactile project. I even bought a remote control for my camera and (thanks to Will Reid for the tip) I learned how to hook my camera up to my computer so that the pictures transfer immediately. I also struggled with a concept because all I could think was why would I animate this manually, when I can do the same thing in After Effects in a minute? I also couldn't decide on Rockets or Lollipops for my theme, so at the end I bought a huge bag of each from the Bulk Barn. On a slightly off topic, I've decided that when I become a home owner, I'll paint one of my rooms all green, so I won't ever have to worry about having a green screen.

Thanks again to my sister for being my actress. Her face was much more exaggerated than usual. The music was a cover of Rocketeer by Clara C., though I cut and rearranged the music a bit.